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Visit the new EnvironmentCounts y geoff 555 y/y y View
Did global warming stop from 1998 to 2012 ? Climate y geoff 21 y/y n View
Evidence of biological feedback driving warming... Climate y geoff 751 y/y y View
Simple rule accounts for onset of ice age degla... Climate y geoff 677 y/y y View
Accelerating ocean warming revealed by extensiv... Marine and Oceans y geoff 836 y/y y View
Solar variability less important than greenhous... Climate y geoff 1058 n/n y View
TECHNICAL Greenhouse gases more important than ... Climate y geoff 18 n/n n View
Global warming "hiatus" not supported by new an... Climate y geoff 1110 y/y y View
Global surface temperature reconstruction revea... Climate y geoff 914 y/y y View
IN PREP Does Arctic warming change mid-latitude... Climate y geoff 21 y/y n View
TECHNICAL CO2 sequestration in Southern Ocean m... Climate y geoff 17 y/y n View
TECHNICAL Massive carbon release and rapid temp... Climate y geoff 16 n/n n View
TECHNICAL Rare congruence of orbital variations... Climate y geoff 20 n/n n View
TECHNICAL Small variations in Earth's orbit cap... Climate y geoff 16 y/y n View
New evidence that CO2 may have driven cooling 5... Climate y geoff 1375 y/y y View
Fingerprinting the source of rising CO2 during ... Climate y geoff 1083 y/y y View
Evidence for CO2 outgassing from the Southern O... Climate y geoff 1278 y/y y View
Estimating greenhouse gas emissions from meltin... Climate y geoff 960 y/y y View
OUTDATED EC Perspective: Accounting for 800,000... Climate y geoff 70 y/y n View
CO2 lagged rising temperature in the Southern H... Climate y geoff 1219 y/y y View
CO2 drove, but did not trigger, warming during ... Climate y geoff 1227 y/y y View
Southern Ocean warming preceded rising CO2 duri... Climate y geoff 1000 y/y y View
Accounting for global and regional warming duri... Climate y geoff 1087 y/y y View
Technical EC Perspective: Ice ages triggered by... Climate y geoff 273 y/y n View
New evidence affirms interglacial warming linke... Climate y geoff 1776 y/y y View
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