EnvironmentCounts.org is established by the grant of a charter by Letters Patent under the provisions of the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act. The Letters Patent were approved by the Minister of Industry, Government of Canada.

Governance of EnvironmentCounts.org is in accordance with the rules and procedures set out under the Canada Not-For-Profit Corporations Act. The Act and By-law 1 of EnvironmentCounts.org require there be a provision for both Members and for Directors.

Members meet at least once a year and are responsible for appointing auditors, receiving financial statements and electing the Directors. A person can only be admitted to become a Member by the current Board of Directors.

Directors are elected by the annual meeting of Members. The maximum number of directors is set at twelve, and the minimum by law is three. The directors are responsible for administering the affairs of EnvironmentCounts.org. The key responsibilities of the Board are:
To administer the affairs of EnvironmentCounts.org
To establish and oversee operating policies and procedures
To oversee the conduct of operations, editorial standards and technology
To delegate responsibility, as appropriate
EnvironmentCounts.org operates with a permanent Editorial Committee responsible for approving content prior to publication on the site.

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